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pantografo 201
general description

Professional carving machines for large production runs, designed for carving both the flat tables and with the rotary device. Versions with 8 /10/12/16/20/ 24 spindles. The model 201 is a high productive and precise carving machine. It guarantees perfect simultaneous reproductions on a 1:1 size ratio. The electrowelded steel base assure the rigidity and strength necessary for precise workings. It is divided in the center allowing the walk-through to the operator .

The spindle carrier shaft, thanks to a patented lever system, has a rectilinear movement which provides remarkable advantages compared to traditional systems. For the rotary working, the workpieces are fixed on the rotary device consisting of two beams. The front one is provided with tailstocks for chucking,. The back beam provides a series of lubricated gearboxes for the simultaneous rotation of the model and the pieces.

For working on panels, the pieces are held on flat tables by manual or hydraulic clamps. The 1,1 KW electrospindles are powered by inverter. The high rotation speed (12000, 15000 e 18000 rpm), ensures high productivity and accuracy . The dual-shaft spindles allow the operator to simultaneously pre-load two carving tools, eliminating tool changeover.

Upon request : Automatic centring device - Tailstock with pneumatic chuck .

technical data modello 201  
Flat working length 1400 MM (55")
Upon requesta m. 2000 (78")
Rotary working length 1400 MM (55")  
dimensions modello 201  
/ /  
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