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ETICA SRL markets and promotes the sale of brand new and used woodworking machines worldwide. The company vaunts over 30 years of experience gained by Mr. Allocco and his staff in the sector of artistic furniture, ornaments, statues, rifle butts etc. E tica's warehouse is always well-stocked of second-hand woodworking machines, which are scrupulously reconditioned and repainted, like new. As for brand new machines, Etica represents the SCOLPITRICE and FRIMECH trademarks on an exclusive basis worldwide.

Scopitrice has become a world leader in the field of woodcarving machines and we are proud to affirm that our products are distributed worldwide. The Frimech products include copying machines which can increase or reduce the size of the original with great accuracy and are thus ideal for producing statues or decorative ornaments.

Safety, optimizing working conditions and ensuring quality products are the fundamental objectives which we have succeeded in achieving thanks to innovative technological solutions.

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