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pantografo 251 RBT
general description

Electronic working centre for automatic carving. The model RBT 251 CNC multispindle carving machines are excellent for both large and small production runs. Extremely ''User friendly'' programming is performed by a teaching mode of carving the workpiece first while the controller memorizes the tool paths for precise part reproductions. Memory is stored on hard or floppy disk within the PC.

Standard applications:

  • Scolpitrice 8 spindles: distance betw. centres mm. 350
  • Scolpitrice 12 spindles distance betw. centres mm. 300
  • Scolpitrice 16 spindles distance betw. centres mm. 270
  • Scolpitrice 20 spindles distance betw. centers mm. 200
  • Flat working length 1400 mm (55'')
  • Rotary working length 1400 mm (55'')


  • Capability of reproducing stored parts without the physical sample;
  • Capability of working multiple machines with one operator;
  • Complete working cycle (roughing and finishing) without operator assistance;
  • Total sound enclosure available that meets international standards for operator protection and dust regulations (OPTIONAL);
  • Easily programmable: only carving experience required;
  • Optimization of the working cycle by editing ''Dead Time'' and increasingly execution speed;
  • Possibility of start and stop of the teaching mode, for operator's convenience, without program loss;
  • Execution of a requested ''portion'' of a stored program only;
  • Possibility of re-programming different parts of the program;
  • Traditional manual carving (limited production), and automatic reproduction (high volumes) possible;
  • Mirror image (left-handed part from right-handed sample)


  • Manual copying from a wooden or metal sample;
  • Reproduction of parts from stored program without operator;
  • Memorization of the program during manual carving, while the CNC drives are disengaged;
  • Capable of carving flat or rotary work.

Technical features:

  • Articulated structure with 5 axes of freedom;
  • Zero backlash life lubricated gearboxes (no maintenance);
  • High precision planetary leadscrew;
  • AC brushless servomotors with built-in control transducer;
  • Position reading by optical CNC drivers;
  • Closed loop control by feedback;
  • Engagements of the CNC drives by automatic electromagnetic couplings;
  • Unit backup power supply to ensure safety in case of power failure;
  • Inverter-driven electrospindles (12.000, 15.000, 18.000 RPMs)

pantografo scolpitore modello 251 RBT
pantografo scolpitore tornio
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