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pantografo AR
general description

The Model AR , single-spindle, reduction and enlarging carving machine has four different working ratios and is ideal for reproducing statues and decorative objects. Changing the enlarging or reduction ratio is extremely easy thanks to a series of reference pins which indicate the different ratios. These pins also ensure the precision of the work. The various ratios can be used for both reductions and enlargements. It is simply a matter of exchanging the electrospindle and the tracer. The model and the work piece, which are supported between a drivestock and a tailstock, have an indexing action of rotation with 20 different positions and a tilting action with 5 different positions which vary by 7.5.

These movements, combined with those of the of the spindle and the tracer, enable the production of extremely complex pieces, even ones with undercuts, and, of course, with perfect finish. The upper carriage is supported and balanced by a pneumatic system which makes it easily controllable and highly sensitive, whatever the working position. Copies may be made from bronze, wood or resin models. The machine is equipped with a high frequency electrospindle (18,000 and 12,000 RPMs) with a quick-fastening, clamp system for fixing the cutter bits. This spindle enables the removal of considerable thicknesses of wood, without the minimum effort on the part of the operator.

There are two versions of the Model AR, the Model AR "Standard" and the Model AR "Special". The only difference between the two versions is the maximum working dimesions of the machines.

technical data modello AR Standard   modello AR Special
1,3 - 1,5 - 2 - 2,4   1,3 - 1,5 - 2 - 2,4
Max working dimensions 416 x 1.000 MM   450*/700 x 2.000 MM
Spindle power 1/1,5 HP   1/1,5 HP
Spindle rotation 12.000/18.000 GIRI/MIN.   12.000/18.000 GIRI/MIN.
Inverter 3 KW   3 KW
dimension modello AR Standard   modello AR Special
Length 3.200 MM   3.600 MM
Width 1.500 MM   2.300 MM
Height 2.400 MM   2.650 MM
Net weight 900 KG   1.150 KG
*Misure per lavorazioni con rapporto 1,3
pantografo scolpitore modello AR
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