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Frimech Model R carving machine is the brainchild of our many years of experience in the carving sector. This machine is ideal for producing large numbers of statues and decorative objects. The reduction method upon which the machine is based enables it to reproduce tiny and delicate pieces, copying them from a larger, sturdier model. The result is the extremely accurate reproduction of objects down to the most minute details, with a perfect surface finish. Each machine has a single, fixed reduction ratio, which guarantees an absolutely perfect reproduction in terms of both shape and size. The rotary device, the support for the model and the upper carriage of the machine are all bolted to a very solid steel structure which forms the base of the machine. The spindle-carrying shaft is in turn fixed to the upper carriage.

The work pieces are attached to the rotary device by means of self-centering jaws with a square, 30 mm (1.18") or 45 mm (1.77") mount and have an indexing action of rotation with 20 different positions and a tilting action with 28 different positions. As a result their positioning is absolutely precise. It is obvious that the model is simultaneously positioned in the same way.

The spindle carrying shaft is attached by carving machine arms, moves on rolling bearings and is balanced by a series of springs whose pneumatic control ensures great sensitivity in all working positions. The combined movements of the work pieces, the model and the spindle carrying shaft make for the production of extremely complex pieces and even ones with undercuts. The spindles, whose movement is transmitted by means of special belts designed for high speeds, rotate at 22,000 RPM and are dynamically balanced so as to avoid even the slightest vibration. The spindles are equipped with a solid-fastening, clamp system which nevertheless enables the cutting bits to be changed easily. The quality of the model greatly influences the quality of the product. Bronze models are recommended for large production runs and very refined objects. Light alloy or hardwood models may be used for small or medium production runs.

This machine may be used for working not only wood, but also plastic and alabaster.

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