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The electrowelded steel base provides the rigidity for precise workings. The pieces can be locked between centres by quick hand wheel device. The rotation of pieces is provided by electrical motor and oil lubricated gearboxes for flat work.

The pieces can be held on the 3-list table provided with the machine The upper carriage is designed to feature high rigidity as well as light and smooth motion. Main movement is on hardened steel bars and ball bearings, the others on ball bearings and shafts.

The rotation of the spindle carrier shaft adds the fifth movement of the tool necessary for carving more complicated parts. High frequency motors provide 1 HP power at 18000, 15000 or 12000 rpm to each cutter. The high frequency is generated by an inverter. Each electrospindle has dual shaft for presetting of two carving bits, avoiding in most cases the tool change.

The stylus holder can be adjusted in length on both sides.

technical data modello S2   modello S4   modello S6  
Distance between centres 500 MM (19.7")   300 MM (11.8")   260 MM (19.7")  
Flat working length 1000 MM (39")   1000 MM (39")   1000 MM (39")
Rotary working length 1000 MM (39")   1000 MM (39")   1000 MM (39")  
dimension modello S2   modello S4   modello S6  
Length 2400 MM   2600 MM   2800 MM
Width 1650 MM   1650 MM   1650 MM
Height 1600 MM   1600 MM   1600 MM
Net weight 900 KG (1980 lbs)   950 KG (2080 lbs)   1000 KG (2200 lbs)  
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