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tornio 103/1
general description

Our Frimech 103/1 copyin lathe is a machine specifically designed for profile copy shaping, pieces with irregular shapes, such as table legs, chair legs, clogs and rifle butts. Four pieces - identical to the original model - are produced simultaneously. These can have a maximum diameter of 260 mm (10.2") and a maximum length of 1250 mm (49.2"). The machine can operate with two, completely automatic working cycles : the single cycle and the double cycle. In the single cycle the machine shapes the pieces in a single, "finishing" pass and then quickly returns to the rest position.

In the double cycle, the pieces are turned in two passes, i.e. a "roughing" pass and a "finishing" pass. The machine first roughs-out the pieces, leaving a wood thickness of between 0 mm and 20 mm (0" to 3/4")(adjustable by the operator) and then, while the carriage returns to the rest position, it removes the remaining thickness thus finishing the pieces. The result of this cycle are fewer vibrations and perfect finishes which cannot be obtained with the single cycle.

The double cycle is used for particularly difficult pieces which require a great amount of roughing and for long, thin pieces. The machine's functions are controlled by an extremely precise and reliable electrohydraulic system. Piece rotation and feeding can be adjusted independently thanks to separate proportional valves. The Frimech 103/1 lathe is equipped with an automatic working speed adjustment system, which automatically decreases the speed when working on particularly complicated areas and speed up in more linear areas. The result is a perfect finish and increased productivity.

All of the machine's components have been greatly oversized in order to ensure durability and reliability even when the machine is subjected to harsh working conditions. Working environment safety, sound pollution and dust control were all taken into consideration. The machine is completely enclosed and sound proofed and is equipped with connections for hooking up to a dust and wood shavings suction system.

210 mm (8.26")
technical data modello 103/1  
No. Of pieces
simultaneously copied
Max. Working diameter 260 MM  
Max. Working length 1250 MM  
Cutter heads speed (rpm) 4800  
Cutter head motor power 2 x 4 HP  
Piece rotation
speed (rpm)
0 60  
Feed speed0 400 MM/1'
Dia. Cutter heads: 210 MM
Hydraulic unit power 4 HP  
Totally enclosed machine;
dust Collector connection size
N. 2 x 180 MM  
Total installed power 10 KW  
Voltage 380 V 50 HZ  
Special voltage upon requesta  
dimension modello 103/1  
Length 3900 MM  
Width 1150 MM  
Heigh 2150 MM  
Net weight 2600 KG  
tornio automatico modello 103/1
pantografo scolpitore tornio
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