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tornio ST4
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The ST4 COPYING SHAPING LATHE offers a unique starconfiguration designed for copying system capable of reproducing four irregular shaped pieces simultaneously. The maximum length capacity is 1250 mm. with up to 280 mm. in diameter. Frequently produced parts are furniture components, gun stocks, ducks decoys and sporting goods articles. A unique speed variation control allows for maximum production within a totally enclosed work area which provides noise reduction and a clean, safe operating environment. The star configuration provides a balanced cutting system which reduces the amount of inertia and allows a higher ratio between weight movement and installed power, each cutting station head is inclined at 15, the system allows the pin axes to climb an inclination of approximately 70 in both directions without external stresses to the model or to the workpiece. The copying system is so sensitive to permit copying on wooden models.

The ST4 has two complete automatic working cycles, single and double cycle, the single cycle will complete the cutting cycle in one pass, then rapidly returns to the rest position. The double cycle will rough the piece oversize approximately 1/4'', then finishes cut to the correct size on its return to the rest position. This is extremely useful when large quantities of wood are to be removed.

To increase production, the ST4 is equipped with an automatic speed variation controller. Production rates can easily be increased to as much as 50%. The device consists of an electronic system, piloted by a photocell template combination which can be programmed on the machine to vary the feed rate, according to the pieces to be worked. Pneumatic centering devices and tailstocks make loading and unloading operations a snap.

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